Victor Geyer’s exquisite libation to quench the most rebellious

In 1895, Victor Geyer installed an uncanny laboratory in his tiny makeshift house in Munster, France. It is from this set up that Victor Geyer developed his exquisite libation by using heritage formulas kept secret by a small group of families in the Lorraine region.
Victor Geyer made it a point to only craft his beverage using local ingredients, from the pure water coming out of the Vosges Spring next to his house to the beet sugar made in the village of Erstein. Add to that the best harvested lemons from the city of Grasse.
This first beverage was only the beginning in a long line of masterfully crafted beverages. In a small notebook, the talented Artisan Limonadier would keep all the secrets of various recipes that he would pass on to his sons. The next generation of Geyer then used these recipes to create a gigantic collection of festive drinks.